Exploring the Beauty of Melasti Beach in Bali: A Paradise Retreat


Welcome to the enchanting world of Melasti Beach, a hidden gem nestled in Ungasan Bali. This captivating destination, situated just 16.3 km (30 minutes) from Bali’s International Airport, offers a harmonious blend of natural coastal beauty and rich cultural experiences.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of Melasti Beach, adorned with the Twin Hills, Taman Angsoka, Kori Agung, Anjungan Watugangga, traditional culinary delights, captivating Kecak dance performances, and the mesmerizing Melasti Beach.

Where Is Melasti Beach?

Photo by David Gor on Unsplash

Located in Ungasan Bali, Melasti Beach is the southernmost point of the island, providing visitors with a unique geographical bragging right.

The exact address is Jl. Melasti Ungasan, Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia.

Ensure not to confuse it with Melasti at Tanah Lot Temple on the other side of the island.

How to Reach Melasti Beach?

From Uluwatu, you can use ride-hailing services like Grab or Gojek or opt for a scooter if you’re an experienced rider with proper documentation. For those coming from Kuta, Canggu, or Seminyak, hiring a private car and driver is recommended due to the distance.

When Is Melasti Beach Open?

Technically, Melasti Beach is open 24/7, but it’s most enjoyable during daylight hours. The ticket booth operates during daylight, offering an affordable entrance fee of 10,000 IDR (less than $1 USD).

Best Time to Visit Melasti Beach

While the dry season is popular, the wet season also provides pleasant experiences with around 9 hours of daily sunshine. Melasti Beach is inviting at any time of the day, whether for a serene morning stroll, daytime sunbathing, or witnessing the dramatic sunsets.

What to Expect at Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is a dream paradise with a two-kilometer-long strip of soft, white sand, and crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Recently developed, the beach maintains cleanliness, making it a preferred destination for photographers and wedding parties seeking the perfect Balinese beach shots.

Melasti Beach in Uluwatu, Bali, has seen a significant surge in popularity, especially following the pandemic.

This stunning beach, known for its white sand, blue skies, and breathtaking sunsets, marks the southernmost point on the island of Bali and holds deep spiritual significance for Balinese Hindus.

Previously a destination primarily for local ceremonies and a limited number of tourists, Melasti Beach has transformed into one of the island’s most visited spots in 2023.

The Chief Manager of Melasti Beach, Wayan Karnawa, reported a remarkable increase in tourist visits, with numbers rising by approximately 30% compared to pre-pandemic levels.

On average, the beach now welcomes 3,000 visitors daily, with numbers spiking to 10,000 on national holidays. By the first week of September, Melasti Beach had already hosted 1,054,646 visitors, comprising 249,726 foreign tourists and 804,920 domestic tourists.

The beach is particularly favored by tourists from Australia, Russia, and China.

This influx of visitors has not only boosted the local economy by supporting small businesses and beach clubs but also increased the beach’s recognition among international tourists. Efforts are ongoing to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors, with additional lifeguards on duty and improved informational signage. The local management is optimistic about the continued growth in interest in Melasti Beach, anticipating further economic benefits for the community and the region.

Facilities at Melasti Beach

The beach boasts excellent facilities, including toilets, showers, changing rooms, local restaurants (warungs), and ample parking included in the entry fee.

What to Bring to Melasti Beach

Pack essentials like towels, swimming clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a sunhat, and cash for local warungs. VIP beach services offer rental beach chairs for a comfortable stay.

Things to Do at Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is ideal for sunbathing on soft sands and enjoying the calm, shallow waters for swimming. Explore rock pools, and witness local dance performances in the built arena.

Nearby Beach Resorts

Several resorts in the area, such as Villa Santai Bali, Green Escape Eco Resort, Tempekan Hotel, Mule Malu Tropical Stay, and Villa Ten, offer a relaxing stay close to Melasti Beach.

Other Beaches Near Melasti Beach

Explore nearby beaches like GreenBowl Beach Ungasan, Padang Padang Beach, Blue Point Beach, Suluban Beach, Bingin Beach, Dreamland Beach, and Nyang Nyang Beach for a beach-hopping experience.

Other Attractions Near Melasti Beach

Visit Uluwatu Temple, experience the Melasti Kecak Fire Dance, explore Garuda Wisnu Kencana Culture Park, and avoid confusion with Tanah Lot Temple, which is located on the other side of the island.


  • Is Melasti Beach Free? How Much Is Melasti Beach?
    The entrance fee is minimal, ensuring an affordable visit.
  • Is Melasti Beach Good For Surfing?
    It’s not recommended for surfing due to shifty waves, more suitable for advanced surfers.
  • Can You Swim At Melasti Beach, Ungasan, Bali?
    Yes, the calm and shallow waters make it an excellent spot for swimming.
  • Is Melasti Beach, Bali Child-Friendly?
    Extremely child-friendly, with mild waves and shallow waters, making it safe for families.

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Final Thoughts on Visiting Melasti Beach, Bali

Embark on a journey to Melasti Beach, a destination worth exploring for its pristine beauty, cultural richness, and captivating experiences. Plan a day trip, soak in the serenity, and discover the allure of this Balinese paradise.

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