Harmonious Celebrations: Choosing the Perfect Bali Wedding Music Vendor

In the enchanting realm of Bali, where lush greenery dances with pristine beaches and ancient traditions meld seamlessly with modern elegance, lies the dream destination for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience and find their Bali Wedding Music vendor

Amidst the myriad of decisions to make, from venue selection to floral arrangements, one aspect stands out as the symphony of your celebration: the music.

bali wedding music vendor

Picture this: as the golden sun sets over the horizon, casting a warm glow upon your ceremony, a melodic harmony fills the air, weaving through the hearts of your guests and etching timeless memories into your special day.

When it comes to orchestrating the perfect musical ambiance for your Bali wedding, selecting the right vendor is paramount. With an array of options available, from traditional Balinese ensembles to contemporary live bands, finding the ideal fit can seem daunting. Fear not, for we’ve delved into the depths of Bali’s wedding scene to uncover the crème de la crème of musical maestros.

According to recent statistics, the demand for exceptional wedding music vendors in Bali has surged, paralleling the island’s rise as a premier destination for matrimonial celebrations. With an average of over 500 weddings hosted annually, Bali has become a hotspot for couples worldwide, drawn to its exotic allure and romantic charm.

Amidst this flourishing industry, one name shines brightly: Photolagi.

Renowned for their exquisite photography services, Photolagi extends their expertise to curate unforgettable musical experiences for couples embarking on their Bali wedding journey.

But what sets Photolagi apart from the rest? Beyond their stellar reputation in the realm of photography, Photolagi boasts a curated selection of top-tier musicians and ensembles, handpicked to elevate your celebration to unparalleled heights.

List of The Best Live Wedding Bands in Bali


Akustika stands as a beacon of professionalism in Bali’s wedding music scene, having graced numerous ceremonies in the island’s most prestigious venues. Specializing in acoustic renditions, they infuse authenticity into every romantic moment, both during ceremonies and receptions. The band comprises four core members proficient in bass, drums, guitar, and male vocals, ensuring a captivating performance.

  • Package Options:
    • Four-member package: Starting from US$800
    • Five-member package: US$1000
    • Six-member package: US$1300 (Includes female vocalist)
  • Performance Duration: Up to 2x 45 minutes (1.5 hours)

2. GLO Band

GLO Band sets a high standard of entertainment, delighting couples and guests alike across numerous Bali weddings. Their versatile repertoire spans genres, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all attendees. With options ranging from a four-musician package to a full six-member ensemble, GLO Band offers flexibility to suit various preferences and budgets.

  • Package Options:
    • Four-musician package: US$700
    • Five-musician package: US$800
    • Six-musician package: Just under US$1000


Renowned for their stellar reputation, DJAMPIRO brings a blend of pop, jazz, and ethnic music to Bali’s wedding scene. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, their performances captivate audiences with soulful melodies and rhythmic beats. With diverse package offerings, including acoustic sets and elaborate orchestral arrangements, DJAMPIRO caters to every couple’s musical desires.

  • Package Options:
    • Djampirokustik: Starting from US$1100
    • Djampiro Ethnic: Around US$1600
    • Djampiro and String Section: US$1750
    • Djampiro Mini Orchestra: US$2000


Specializing in the fusion of acoustic, electric, and ethnic music, UNIVERSE Band brings a unique charm to Bali weddings. Their packages offer a blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees. With options ranging from intimate four-piece ensembles to grand orchestral arrangements, UNIVERSE Band caters to diverse tastes and preferences.

  • Package Options:
    • Four-piece band: US$1400
    • Five-piece band: US$1000
    • Full band: US$1100
    • Balinese Ethnic themed package: US$1400
    • Universe Band & String: US$1600

These top picks promise to illuminate your wedding reception or dance floor with unforgettable melodies and rhythms. Prices are subject to change based on conditions and venues. For more options and personalized consultations, don’t hesitate to reach out to these bands and experience their magic firsthand.

Whether you envision the ethereal melodies of a traditional Balinese gamelan or the soul-stirring tunes of a contemporary acoustic duo, Photolagi ensures a seamless integration of sound and sentiment, tailored to your unique love story.

With Photolagi by your side, every note resonates with passion, every chord strikes a chord in your heart, and every moment becomes a symphony of love.

As you exchange vows beneath Bali’s azure skies, enveloped in the embrace of music’s enchanting embrace, let Photolagi transform your wedding dreams into harmonious reality.

In conclusion, amidst the splendor of Bali’s wedding landscape, the choice of music vendor holds the power to elevate your celebration from memorable to magical.

With Photolagi’s unwavering commitment to excellence and artistry, your Bali wedding becomes a symphonic masterpiece, resonating with love, joy, and timeless melodies.

So, as you embark on this journey of a lifetime, ask yourself: with Photolagi, what harmonies will you weave into the tapestry of your love story?

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