How to Get Married In Bali

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How to Get Married In Bali


Imagine the magic of exchanging vows amidst Bali’s breathtaking vistas, with the assurance that your marriage will be recognized in most foreign countries. However, the steps for a legal wedding in Bali may vary based on your nationality and the presence of your country’s consulate or embassy on the island.

Legal Requirements

To make your dream of a legal Bali wedding a reality, you must:

  • Share the same main religion as your partner.
  • Provide your wedding planner with the necessary documents.

Indonesian Marriage Law

Under Indonesian Marriage Law No.1 of 1974, religious harmony is essential for couples. If you and your partner share different faiths, a signed letter expressing the intent to marry in a mutually agreed-upon religion, free from coercion, must be legalized by the consulate office or local government.

Recognized Religions

Indonesia recognizes Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity as main religions. Legal marriages in Bali require both a religious and legal component, except for Muslim couples, where the religious ceremony is already recognized as a legal marriage.

Ceremony Types

The spiritual ceremonies can unfold anywhere in Bali: be it a villa, hotel, beach, cliff, or temple. Catholic unions must exchange vows in a Catholic church in Bali, but the reception venue is yours to choose.

Preparing for Your Wedding

Step 1: Document Dispatch

1.5 months before your big day, provide the following documents to your wedding planner:

  • Passport or KTP copy for Indonesians.
  • Birth certificate copy.
  • Civil Registry Office document copy.
  • Eight 4×6 cm photos of both partners.
  • A letter signed by the priest or religious representative.
  • Baptism certificate from the church.
  • Witness passports copy.
  • Domicile letter from the couple’s place of stay.
  • Completed form from the Indonesian Civil Office.
  • CNI Letter (Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage in Indonesia).

Special Requirements

  • For Catholics: Reference letter, marriage course completion certificate, and delegation letter from the parish Church.
  • For Muslims: Wali nikah/Proxy of Bride’s family.
  • For Buddhists: Buddhist marriage blessing application.
  • For Hindus: Statement letter affirming the intention to marry in Hindu religion.

Step 2: Unveiling the Originals

During the pre-wedding meeting, present the original documents to your wedding planner.

Step 3: Legal Matrimony

Your official wedding ceremony in Bali will be attended by representatives from the Indonesian Civil Registry office and your religion, providing you with both Religious and Official marriage certificates.

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These resources can offer comprehensive insights into the legal and cultural aspects of getting married in Bali or Indonesia, particularly from the perspective of international couples.