Can Wedding Bands Be Different Colors?

Weddings are all about personal touches that reflect the unique bond between two people. And what’s more personal than the choice of wedding bands? Gone are the days when couples were bound by the tradition of matching gold bands.
Today, the question isn’t just “Can wedding bands be different colors?” but rather “How can we make our wedding bands a true reflection of us?”

Let’s dive into the colorful world of wedding bands and explore how they can add an extra layer of meaning to your big day.

Can Wedding Bands Be Different Colors?

Based on the latest insights from 1stDibs, the trend for wedding bands and engagement rings in 2022 shows a significant shift towards personalization and uniqueness, reflecting the evolving preferences of couples today. Here are some key takeaways that align with the idea that wedding bands can indeed be of different colors, offering a fresh perspective on traditional norms:

  • Bright Colors and Unique Gemstones: There’s a growing trend for incorporating emeralds, yellow diamonds, and other colorful gemstones into rings, moving away from the traditional diamond. This shift not only adds a bold touch to the design but also allows couples to express their individuality and the unique nature of their relationship through color.
  • Different Shapes and Vintage Styles: Beyond color, the preference for pear and emerald-cut diamonds, as well as the resurgence of Art Deco and Edwardian ring designs, indicates a desire for distinctiveness and a nod to the past. These choices reflect a broader trend of personalization, where couples seek to make their wedding bands truly their own.
  • Engagement Ring Statistics: The average price of an engagement ring is around $6,000, with a significant portion of shoppers spending between $1,000 and $4,000. This financial commitment underscores the importance of the ring as a symbol of love and the desire to choose something that genuinely represents the couple’s bond.
  • Customization on the Rise: Nearly half of the buyers opt to customize design elements of their engagement rings, highlighting the importance of personal touches in today’s wedding jewelry. This trend towards customization and personalization extends to wedding bands, with couples increasingly choosing different colors and designs that reflect their unique stories and preferences.

These insights demonstrate a clear move towards more personalized, unique wedding bands and engagement rings, with color playing a significant role in expressing individuality and the essence of the relationship. The idea that wedding bands can be of different colors is not only embraced but celebrated, as couples seek to symbolize their love in ways that are meaningful to them.

As you consider the options for your wedding bands, remember that the choice of color, design, and material is a beautiful opportunity to reflect your personal journey and the love you share. Whether you’re drawn to the boldness of bright gemstones, the elegance of mixed metals, or the charm of vintage styles, your wedding bands can be as unique and colorful as your love story.

The Symbolism Behind Colors

In the vibrant world of wedding bands, the symbolism behind colors plays a pivotal role in personalizing these symbols of love and commitment. A recent exploration into the spectrum of colored wedding rings reveals how couples are increasingly choosing hues that resonate with their individual stories and the essence of their relationship. Here’s a dive into the symbolism of popular colors and the reasons behind their selection for wedding bands, based on insights from EMBR.

The Appeal of Colored Wedding Rings

Personal Expression: Colored wedding rings serve as canvases for personal expression, allowing couples to encapsulate their individual and shared journeys in a visible and meaningful manner. Each color holds its own symbolism and emotional resonance, enabling couples to convey their values, aspirations, and the essence of their relationship through their choice of hue.

  • Blue symbolizes tranquility, trust, and stability, making it an ideal choice for couples wanting to reflect the deep trust and loyalty they share.
  • Red, the color of passion and intensity, is perfect for those looking to express the fiery passion and love that defines their relationship.
  • Green represents growth, harmony, and fertility, resonating with couples who value growth and balance in their partnership.
  • Yellow/Gold evokes warmth, joy, and prosperity, symbolizing the joy and prosperous life couples aim to build together.
  • Purple signifies luxury, sophistication, and spirituality, reflecting the richness and spiritual bond of the relationship.
  • Black stands for strength, power, and elegance, representing the strength of commitment and the elegance of the couple’s love.

Unique and Memorable: Colored wedding rings, with their distinctive hues and designs, stand out from traditional bands, adding an element of surprise and uniqueness to the celebration of love. They become a memorable symbol of the couple’s daring choice to celebrate their love in a way that mirrors their distinctive personalities and extraordinary relationship.

Popular Kinds of Colored Wedding Rings

  • Colored Inlays: These are an elegant choice for couples seeking a blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, with materials like carbon fiber, resin, or enamel creating stunning visual effects against the base metal.
  • Solid Colored Bands: Offering a striking and uniform appearance, these bands are made entirely from a specific material, showcasing the chosen color in its purest form.

Why Choose a Colored Wedding Ring?

Colored wedding bands offer unparalleled versatility, allowing couples to express their unique style and preferences. They match personal styles, complement skin tones, and allow for mix and match with other jewelry or accessories. Moreover, colored wedding rings often allow for customization, enabling couples to choose the exact shade and design that resonates with them, adding a personal touch to their rings.

The symbolism, aesthetics, and versatility of colored wedding rings make them a wonderful choice for those who want to be unique yet practical. Whether opting for a subtle touch with a colored inlay or making a bold statement with a solid-colored band, the choice to go colorful is a reflection of a couple’s unique love story.

Mixing Metals and Hues

Mixing metals, such as combining yellow gold with platinum or white gold, offers a visually striking contrast and versatility in jewelry design. This approach not only caters to individual preferences but also adds a modern twist to traditional wedding bands. It reflects a couple’s unique story and style, making their rings truly one-of-a-kind.

Couples are drawn to this trend for various reasons, including the desire to match existing jewelry, complement different skin tones, or simply embrace a more personalized and eclectic look. The beauty of mixing metals lies in its flexibility; there are no strict rules, allowing couples to experiment with different combinations until they find the perfect match that represents their bond.

For those considering mixing metals for their wedding bands, it’s essential to think about the long-term wear and care of the rings. Different metals have varying hardness and wear rates, so it’s a good idea to consult with a jeweler to ensure your rings will age gracefully together.

Incorporating Color and Personal Style

Beyond the choice of metal, adding color through gemstones or enamel can further personalize wedding bands. This adds another layer of meaning, allowing couples to include birthstones, favorite colors, or symbols that hold special significance to their relationship.

Incorporating Gemstones

Another fantastic way to introduce color is through gemstones. From the deep blues of sapphire to the vibrant reds of ruby, gemstones can add a pop of color and personality to your wedding bands. They also allow you to include birthstones or stones with particular meanings, adding another layer of personalization to your rings.

Engraving and Customization

Engraving your wedding bands with a special message, date, or design is a beautiful way to personalize them. But did you know that you can also use engraving to add color? Techniques like black rhodium plating over engraved areas can highlight those personal touches and make them stand out.


Why consider wedding bands of different colors? Choosing bands of different colors allows couples to express their individuality and the unique aspects of their relationship.

Do different colors mean different maintenance? Yes, different metals and colors can require different care. For example, white gold needs to be replated over time, while platinum develops a patina that some people prefer.

Can we mix gold colors in our wedding bands? Definitely! Mixing yellow, white, and rose gold can create beautiful, personalized pieces that reflect each partner’s taste.

Is it more expensive to have wedding bands of different colors? The cost can vary depending on the metals and designs you choose. Mixing metals doesn’t necessarily mean a higher price.

How do we choose the right colors for our wedding bands? Consider your personal style, the symbolism of different colors, and how the bands will complement your engagement ring.

Can gemstones be incorporated into any metal color? Yes, gemstones can be set in a variety of metal colors, offering endless possibilities for customization.


Wedding bands are a symbol of your love and commitment, so why not make them as unique as your relationship? Embracing different colors for your wedding bands is a beautiful way to celebrate your individuality and the special bond you share. Whether through mixing metals, incorporating gemstones, or customizing with engravings, there are countless ways to make your wedding bands truly yours.

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